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In the Hotel Abyss
An Hegelian-Marxist Critique of Adorno
Adorn is often celebrated as among the most important cultural-theorists. This volume argues that his theoretical perspectives were deeply flawed.
This volume is a critical analysis of Adorno's work, framed by several essential concerns: his method of analysis; the absences of a theory of social change; his approach to the dialectics of Hegel and Marx; and his use of cultural analysis to disparage the working class.

Where so many others make many of these concerns central to their defense of Adorno’s continued relevance, Lanning instead argues against the significance of important aspects of his theoretical perspective.

  • “The agenda of Lanning in this work is to provide the conceptual evidence to substantiate Lukács’ implied accusation that exile in the US involved the abandonment on Adorno’s part of any authentic connection to the Marxist project of proletarian emancipation ... An invigorating and provocative read.”
    —Sean Ledwith, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books