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The Lost Revolution
Germany 1918 to 1923
Without understanding the defeat of the German Revolution, the great barbarisms that swept Europe in the 1930s cannot be understood.

Chris Harman unearths the history of the lost revolution in Germany—the swastika entered modern history on uniforms of the counterrevolutionary troops of 1918–1923—and reveals its lessons for struggles for a better world.

Chris Harman is the author of many books, including A People's History of the World.


  • "Chris Harman's compelling analysis of the failed German Revolution covers the entire period from 1918 to the debacle of 1923, paying close attention to episodes such as the Bavarian Soviet Republic which are often neglected or minimized. Harman clearly demonstrates that this example of "lost revolution" was the real turning point in German history when history failed to turn, with dire consequences for the subsequent course of world history. The republication of this classic study of the revolutionary process is greatly to be welcomed."
    —Neil Davidson

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