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Max Weber: Modernisation as Passive Revolution
A Gramscian Analysis
Originally published in German, this volume makes available in English the definitive Marxist critique of Max Weber’s politics and method.
With Gramsci’s theory of hegemony as his starting point, this volume provides a comprehensive socio-analysis of Max Weber’s political and intellectual position in the ideological network of his time. Rehmann lucidly and witheringly argues that, even though Weber presents his science as’value-free,’ the forefather of sociology’s system is best understood as an organic intellectual of the bourgeoisie advocating for a new model of capitalist hegemony.
  • Praise for Theories of Ideology

    “Jan Rehmann has given us a marvelous gift."
    —Cornel West

    “My own intellectual and political conviction is that we need the concept of ideology all the more urgently today, when its use has been stigmatized by contemporary philosophy. Rehmann's book provides a detailed and indispensable account of its history, the various modern versions of the concept and the debates which have swirled around it: just what we need to make a new beginning!"
    —Fredric Jameson

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