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Confronting Injustice
Social Activism in the Age of Individualism
If we hope to combat issues like climate change we must abandon individualistic approaches to activism.
A new generation of activists working for economic and environmental justice, and against war and poverty, confronts critical questions. Why is the world so unjust and crisis-prone? What kind of world should we fight for? How can we win? In this panoramic yet accessible book, Umair Muhammad engages with these and other urgent debates. He argues that individual solutions like “buying green” are dead ends and that hope for the future lies in a radical expansion of democracy and the transformation of the economy from one based on profit to one that can meet human needs
  • "A highly recommended read for those who are interested in working together to transform society."
    —Chelsey Rhodes, Founder of DelusionsofDevelopment.com

    "This book will force activists to check their intentions. I wasn't even halfway done before I wanted to share it with everyone I knew."
    —Maryama Ahmed, Toronto-based Community Organizer

    Confronting Injustice is a wide-ranging and unflinching look at the global nature of the challenges contemporary activists seek to address. Its blend of environmental and anti-imperialist analysis, grounded in direct organizing experience, makes this a powerful and important resource.
    —Dru Oja Jay, coauthor of Paved with Good Intentions

    “What [Umair] provides is an opening statement in an important discussion that activists must have....A must-read book for today’s activists”
    —Ian Angus, author of Too Many People?

    "Decades ago, I and my friends agonized over... our first steps in radical politics. But it was much easier then to find answers than it is now in the context of the relentlessly individualistic culture of neoliberalism. Muhammad has done well in his original and effective argument for commitment to collective and transformative social action."
    —John Riddell, Toward the United Front: Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, 1922