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Winter Soldiers
An Oral History of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Winter Soldiers is an immensely valuable contribution to the history of the Vietnam War. It brings to life, through the words of the veterans themselves, the journey each individual made, through the crucible of combat, from warrior to protester.”—Howard Zinn

“Stacewicz has captured the simple, rough-hewn elegance of the voices of Vietnam veterans. As in other wars, the ordinary soldier always has the most extraordinary words for history.”—Stanley Kutler, editor of The Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War

“By turns irreverent and painfully sincere, Winter Soldiers will transform stereotyped views of both veterans and the antiwar movement.”—Marilyn Young

The Vietnam War left an indelible mark on those who took part in it and spawned an antiwar movement more popular than any other in US history. In all that has been written about the war, rarely do the worlds of the Vietnam veteran and the antiwar demonstrator come together. Yet in a small but articulate organization known as the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), the two made common cause.

Winter Soldiers recovers this moving chapter in the history of the Vietnam War era. Bringing together the voices of more than thirty former and current members of the VVAW, oral historian Richard Stacewicz offers an eloquent account of the impact of the war on the lives of individuals and the nation.

Richard Stacewicz teaches history at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois.

  • "Richard Stacewicz has put together a really fine book. Through this oral history, students of the Vietnam War are able to hear the candid voices of those who fought that dirty war and then returned home to fight the war against war. He has done a great service not only to them, but also to the men and women of VVAW."--Dave Kettenhofen is a National Coordinator for VVAW and member of the Milwaukee chapter