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Constructing Marxist Ethics
Critique, Normativity, Praxis
Marx and subsequent Marxists have often been chided for paying insufficient attention to purely moral and ethical questions. Constructing Marxist Ethics Critique, Normativity, Praxis brings together leading Marxist thinkers from various fields to lay these charges to rest.

Does Marxism posses an ethical impulse? Is there a moral foundation that underpins the Marxist critique of capitalism and the vision for socialism? These essays, each from different vantage points, respond affirmatively to these questions and each examine what kind of values should be at the heart of the Marxian enterprise.

Contributors are: Dan Albanese, Paul Blackledge, Bob Cannon, Tony Burns, Ian Fraser, Ruth Groff, Wadood Hamad, Christoph Henning, Peter Hudis, Lauren Langman, George E. McCarthy, Sean Sayers, Michael J. Thompson, and Lawrence Wilde

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