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Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization
Uniting the global North and South in the struggle for a more just world for all workers.
Since the 1980s, the world’s working class has been under continual assault by the forces of neoliberalism and imperialism. In response, new labor movements have emerged across the Global South—from Brazil and South Africa to Indonesia and Pakistan.

Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization is a call for international solidarity to resist the assaults on labor’s power. This collection of essays by international labor activists and academics examines models of worker solidarity, different forms of labor organizations, and those models’ and organizations’ relationships to social movements and civil society.
  • "An insightful and edifying discourse on global labor issues, Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization shines both a practical and theoretical light on how labor movements are unifying workers across the globe to create a more independent economy loosening itself from corporate restraints. Even as the United States elects anti-union, anti-worker candidates, countries formerly paying slave wages like the Bangladesh, Mexico and the Philippines are developing unions and worker centers. Building Global Labor Solidarity is a must read for labor educations, activists, union organizers and anyone interested in the global labor market and how those markets can be transformed."
    —Karen Ford, Former 3rd Vice President, National Writers Union UAW 1981 and author of, Thoughts of a Fried Chicken Watermelon Woman

    "Kim Scipes has toiled long and hard to bring a thoughtful analysis of true international solidarity to American workers. He has exposed the duplicity of many in the US labor bureaucracy who have sided with corporate American internationally in the betrayal of workers struggles. This anthology of some of the finest thinkers on this topic is a must read."
    —Peter Olney, Retired Organizing Director International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU)

    "Kim Scipes has lived and breathed global labor solidarity for decades, and in this collection he presents essays from some of the most incisive thinkers he has met along the way. From multifaceted standpoints of solidarity, they move beyond critiques of the barriers we face to challenge us to achieve a world of justice, health and planetary survival."
    —Todd Jailer, Workers' Guide to Health and Safety