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Critical Marxism in Mexico
Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez and Bolívar Echeverría
A seminal work of interpretation, introducing English speaking readers to two of Mexico’s leading theorists.
In Critical Marxism in Mexico, Stefan Gandler, coming from the tradition of the Frankfurt School, reveals the contributions that Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez and Bolívar Echeverría have made to universal thought. While in recent years Latin America has distanced itself politically and economically from global power centers, in the realm of philosophy it has remained under the dominance of conventional western thinking.

Despite having studied in Europe, where philosophical Eurocentrism remains virulent, Gandler opens his eyes to another tradition of modernity and offers an account of the lives and philosophies of Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez and Bolívar Echeverría, former senior faculty members at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Through its attempt to popularize the major works of these two great Mexican philosophers, Critical Marxism in Mexico is an invaluable resource for all those trying to place Critical Theory at the center of international philosophical discussions
  • “With this book Stefan Gandler has made important contributions to the study of Marxism and critical social theory in Mexico. Regarding the first contribution, this book expands the theoretical tools and insights within the canon of Marxist thought…[Critical Marxism in Mexico] is a useful commentary and critical analysis for theorists in Latin America and beyond. In toto this book serves as an important corrective to the Eurocentric nature of western and orthodox canonical Marxism.” —Arnold L. Farr, Lateral