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Malcolm X
From Political Eschatology to Religious Revolutionary
An engaging examination of the religious and political philosophy of one of the most important African-American thinkers of the 20th-century
Spurred by the commitment to continue the critical work that Malcolm X began, this volume analyizes the enduring significance of his life, work, and religious philosophy. Bringing together thirteen different scholars from six different countries, Malcolm X: From Political Escataology to Religious Revolutionary demonstrates why Malcolm X is still vitally important fifty years after his death.

Other books Edited by Dustin J. Byrd and Seyed Javad Miri

  • The Critique of Religion and Religion’s Critique

    Edited by Dustin J. Byrd

    A wide-ranging and provocative collection engaging with Rudolf J. Siebert’s dialectical religiology.

  • Frantz Fanon and Emancipatory Theory

    This comprehensive volume discusses Frantz Fanon 's enduring impact on revolutionary movements and thinking across the world.

  • Ali Shariati and the Future of Social Theory

    An exploration into the lasting influence of the Iranian sociologist and revolutionary, Ali Shariati, who is thought to be the most important intellectual behind the Iranian Revolution of 1979.