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Discovering Imperialism
Social Democracy to World War I
From 1898–1916 the leading lights of international marxism debated the nature of imperialism. This volume collects and translates these discussions.
Though primarily associated with the most prominent figures in the history of European Marxism—Lenin, Luxemburg, Hilferding, and Bukharin—the theory of imperialism was actually developed through lively and engaged debates within the Second International from 1898–1916. This volume assembles and translates for the first time the main documents from this debate, and features contributions from Karl Kautsky, Parvus, Otto Bauer, Karl Radek, Anton Pannekoek, and Trotsky, among numerous others.
  • “[T]his is a really excellent book, which is deeply informative about the development of Marxist ideas about imperialism before Lenin’s famous text … [It] should be as widely read on the left as possible. It opens up a vista of a much more complex debate and development than our ‘traditional’ left narratives of the issue allow us to see.”
    —Mike Macnair, The Weekly Worker

    "Richard B. Day and Daniel Gaido have performed a tremendous service by making available for the first time in english fifty-five articles documenting the debates among socialists (primarily, but not exclusively, within the German socialist movement) with respect to imperialism in the decade and a half leading up to World War I."
    International Socialist Review