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Beyond Marx
Theorising the Global Labour Relations of the Twenty-First Century
A wide ranging and deeply engaged examination of the role slaves and unfree workers play in the global capitalist economy.
Capitalism has proven much more resilient than Marx anticipated, and the working class has hardly lived up to his hopes. What might a critique of the political economy of labour look like that critically reviews Capitalism's entire history while moving beyond Eurocentrism? In this volume twenty-two authors offer their thoughts on this question, both from a historical and theoretical perspective.

Other books Edited by Karl Heinz Roth and Marcel van der Linden

  • Marx’s Capital

    When he died, Marx left his opus Capital unfinished. But how incomplete was the project? This volume offers the first comprehensive answer.

  • On the Road to Global Labour History

    Edited by Karl Heinz Roth

    A comprehensive overview of the discipline of global labour history, including wide-ranging case studies which take into account the local, regional, and continental processes of the working class.

  • Western Marxism and the Soviet Union

    A wide-ranging survey of debates within Marxism about the Soviet Union in the twentieth century.