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How to Beat Coronavirus Capitalism

More than 14,000 people joined us live for the first round of our online teach-in with Naomi Klein, Astra Taylor, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, with a musical performance by Lia Rose.

Join us on Tuesday, April 9 for part 2 of the conversation!

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The current crisis is laying bare the extreme injustices and inequalities of our economic and social system.

We are in a battle of visions for how we’re going to respond to this crisis. We will either be catapulted backward to an even more brutal winner-takes-all system — or this will be a wake-up call.

Ideas that were dismissed as too radical just a week ago are starting to seem like the only reasonable path to get out of this crisis and prevent future ones.

We need to use every tool that we have that allows us to hear each other’s voices, to read each other’s words, to see each other’s faces, even if it’s just on screens, to stay organized and stay connected. We have to create spaces where we’re able to deliberate and strategize about what it means to protect our neighbors, our rights, and our planet.

We have to have the confidence to say this is the moment when we change everything.

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