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America's Got Democracy:
The Making of the World's Longest-Running Reality Show
A humorous put passionate look at the criminal silliness of the U.S. political system.
In this raucous irreverent book, Katch diagnoses the various mental disorders peculiar to those who have way too much money and power – and the politicians who work for them. He shows how the very elections that are supposed to be our way of bringing about change have become a tool to get us to accept the insane status quo.
  • “Danny Katch has better comic bomb sights than Jon Stewart: his outrageous, passionate sarcasm always falls exactly on target. The Democratic Party, as we used to say in the day, is the killing joke.”
    —Mike Davis, author, In Praise of Barbarians

    “The funniest, smartest, and most dangerous political writer you never heard of is Danny Katch. You'll laugh. You'll get pissed off. You'll disagree. And you'll wonder how you read this terrific book in one sitting. A welcome antidote to what passes for political writing in an election year.”
    —Dave Zirin, sports editor, Nation Magazine, author of A People's History of Sports in the United States

    “Guess what? It’s even more boringer reading it than talking about it.”
    —Lila Katch, seven years old

    “From Cocoa Puffs to melting ice caps, Danny Katch’s America’s Got Democracy gets to the heart of how and why our political establishment creates economic, social, and environmental crapification, and he does it with a flair even the most disaffected café barista with a PhD will love. But if you enjoy reading dry, abstract political works in which the words go clopping across the page on little wooden feet, don’t read Katch’s book.
    —Sherry Wolf, author, Sexuality and Socialism

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