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Danny Katch

Danny Katch is an activist and humorist often accused of not knowing the difference. He writes a regular column for SocialistWorker.org and his articles have appeared in Truth-OutZNet, and the New York Daily News. He is the author of America's Got Democracy! The Making of the World's Longest Running Reality Show and has contributed to Occupying Wall Street: The Inside Story of an Action that Changed America and 101 Changemakers: Rebels and Radicals Who Changed US History. Yes, he knows he has a problem with overly long titles and he's working on it.


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  • Taking Socialism Seriously

    Danny Katch, author of Socialism... Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation, on why he wrote the book, what's in it, and why you should give it to all your neighbors, friends, and cousins for the Holidays.


    Taking Socialism Seriously

    The Bernie Sanders campaign and numerous polls show that there are millions of people-especially but not limited to those under 30—who identify with socialism. But I know from 20 years of experience as a socialist organizer that most of them only have a vague sense of what socialism actually is.

    I wrote Socialism… Seriously  to be an enjoyable introduction to the main ideas and history of the socialist movement that people could give to that co-worker or cousin who always is interested in left wing politics but doesn’t have a basic foundation.

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  • Why Bad Governments Happen to Good People

    A sharp witted indictment of the U.S.'s broken political system, and a democratic, emancipatory vision for a socialist alternative.
  • Socialism . . . Seriously

    A funny and accessible introduction to socialism.
  • America's Got Democracy:

    A humorous put passionate look at the criminal silliness of the U.S. political system.