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Why Bad Governments Happen to Good People
A sharp witted indictment of the U.S.'s broken political system, and a democratic, emancipatory vision for a socialist alternative.

Praise for Socialism . . . Seriously:

"Danny Katch has done the impossible: he makes socialism sexy. Socialism . . . Seriously is eye-opening, inspiring, and funny. Warning to all Democrats, Republicans, and libertarians: this book might turn you into a closet socialist." —Judah Friedlander

"The most hilarious book about socialism since Karl Marx and his brother Harpo wrote their joke book.” —Hari Kondabolu

The election of Donald Trump has sent the United States and the world into uncharted waters, with a bigoted, petty man-child at the head of the planet's most powerful empire. Danny Katch indicts the hollowness of US political system which led to Trump's rise and puts forward a vision for a real alternative: a democracy that works for the people.


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