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Rebuilding Workers Power
A Jacobin Collection

Rousing, insightful, and provocative reflections on the labor movement from America’s most widely read socialist publication, Jacobin.

Since beginning publication in 2011, Jacobin magazine has made coverage of the labor movement a key priority. The hallmark of this focus has been unrivaled on-the- ground reporting about ongoing struggles, combined with insightful, provocative reflections on how to make sense of and reverse organized labor’s decline. This stirring collection brings together some of labor’s most important commentators—from rank-and-file leaders of the massive Fight For Fifteen campaign to influential analysts like Kim Moody and Robert Brenner—to grapple with these and other important questions facing today’s militants. As Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency brings with it a legal and political environment even more viciously hostile to unions, strategic debates about how to rebuild the power of working people have become more pressing than ever. By honestly confronting the movement’s faults and failures and documenting its most inspiring recent struggles, Rebuilding Workers’ Power is an essential contribution to these conversations.